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                                                                               Just Completed -


When a failed, Russian military experiment is cut loose, then the Scottish Highlands is the perfect terrain to unleash a psychotic shapeshifter, with a vengeance...

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When three Ladies are summoned to the hearing of the Parental Will, confusion and fear breaks out – for only one will receive their inheritance, for only one of them is the Devil’s daughter...

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A young Father is haunted by the loss of his Wife and child. Now as Christmas and the season of goodwill approaches, mysterious events start to unravel, and he investigates - only to set in motion a chain of events which uncover the truth of their deaths.




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Bad Trip


Having unknowingly taken a lethal hallucinogenic drug, three students embark on a gold heist - only to trip into a collision of fantasy and reality with the deadliest of consequences.

The last Guard
When a female Detective and a squad of Awol soldiers are trapped in an abandoned missile silo - revenge, greed and the horrors of the night soon emerge, as the shadows close in...


It's Christmas Eve and somewhere in the storm-ridden Massachusetts countryside,

a train has suddenly stopped - for the passengers onboard, so too soon will their lives...


Planet colonization is underway and a squad of Mercenaries spearhead 'First-Impact' on the new world - But now the hunt begins, for earth-sent hybrid aliens are on a mission, to track the scent of human...

Buccaneers Of Brig O'Doon
Heaven and Hell will collide in the land of dreams unless Danny, Michael
and Julia on the run and against the clock, can prevent Armageddon…

To come...

The Fourth Man Of The
A 1,000 year old assassin, frozen in the ice, immersed in the dark arts of a long forgotten Priesthood is resurrected to accomplish his mission - kill the US President…


After a heist, the villains hole-up in a dead Rock star’s mansion. But their hostages are the descendants of the famous owner who sold his soul for Rock and Roll. The curse of the blood-line runs deep and has been waiting to resurface and claim more lost and greedy souls…

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